Resident Evil Village demo extended after fan outcry

Gone are the days when most upcoming games, especially high-profile ones, came with playable demos before launch. Game publishers these days are more careful when putting anything out to the public that fans can use against them if things don't go their way. That's what made the Resident Evil Village demo quite notable in this day and age, but, unfortunately, it was actually too short to even matter. Fans definitely made their displeasure known, enough for Capcom to actually relent.

Capcom is making a lot of noise about the Resident Evil franchise's next big installation, along with other forms of the game, including a VR version. Naturally, fans of the series are quite hyped about it and looked forward to the demo of the game that's scheduled to go live next month on all supported platforms. Of course, there are limits to such demos but the biggest and perhaps most atrocious is for how long it will be available.

To its credit, Capcom was at least upfront about the fact that the 60-minute demo for Resident Evil Village will be available for only 24 hours. That means that all gamers, whether returning RE fans or complete newcomers, only have a day to actually take it for a test drive. Never mind if you have real-life concerns to take care of first.

Fans were naturally not amused and complained about the rather stingy and unreasonable limitation. Capcom fortunately reconsidered and is giving players on all platforms a week to preview the Village. The starting dates differ depending on the region but all three markets will at least enjoy the same 7 days, regardless.

That said, you still have only 60 minutes of in-game time to spend, even if spread out in a week. The demo will allow players to explore the Village and castle Demitrescu in 30-minute chunks. That will hopefully be enough to whet fans' appetites until the game launches on May 7th.