Researchers use typing style to make passwords more secure

The security of passwords is something that many people worry about frequently. The problem is if your password falls into the wrong hands all your personal information can be at risk. Any system admin knows that the security of the system is only as good as the first step, often the password. The password can be assigned so that the admin can guarantee that it is secure and not something like the user's name. Even those strong passwords are still not completely secure.

Some researchers from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon are working on a new layer for password security. The researchers are working to add the ability to look at how the password is types as part of the security measures. The system would look at home much time passes between keystrokes and the length of time the keys are pressed as part of the security measures. The idea is that the addition of the so-called intra timing would help make the system more secure.

The system would use a normal keyboard and users would enter their password several times to set up the log-in. The user profile and intra timing profile would be set up from that. That profile would then be compared each time the user logs in. This would be perfect for admins dealing with the worst sort of system user. We all know the type that has a strong password assigned to them, and then tapes the password to their monitor.

[via GizMag]