Researchers develop Dr Who inspired sonic screwdriver

The Sonic Screwdriver. It's a curious tool that seems to work miracles for the Doctor and his companions. Want to open a door? No problem. Fix some kind of alien technology in a couple of second? Piece of cake. While it doesn't quite have the range of skills as the fictional version, researchers have created their own version of the sonic screwdriver that could help in certain surgeries.

Researchers at the University of Dundee managed to lift and rotate a rubber disc suspended in water by using ultrasound. It marks the first time that ultrasound waves have been used to rotate objects rather than simply push them, and the development could lead to ultrasound waves that can be manipulated to target specific spots in the body.

Dr Mike MacDonald says that the research "confirms a fundamental physics theory [and] also demonstrates a new level of control over ultrasound beams which can also be applied to non-invasive ultrasound surgery, targeted drug delivery and ultrasonic manipulation of cells." The technology is said to have great potential and could lead to the development of new surgery techniques.

[via BBC]