Researchers create 3D bunny using fog and three projectors

A group researchers from Osaka University have pulled the wraps of a cool fog display that can show a 3D representation of an object that can be viewed from multiple viewpoints. That means people can see different parts of it from the sides, front, or back. That is really cool and naturally the research team chose to use a purple bunny for their demo.

According to the team, an ordinary fog display system would use fog and a flat surface projected with a single projector. Their system uses three projectors and each of them shows a different image. When the images are beamed together onto the fog you get what appears to be a floating hologram.

The fog screen in the system is cylindrical. In the future the team will work on improving the configuration and making the fog display more stable, they note that you can increase the size of the fog display by making the screen larger and increasing the number of projectors.