Research project puts Android Wear notifications on a mirror

Smart mirrors, or mirrors that can display information such as weather, news, and whatnot, aren't exactly a novel idea. Some have even taken great pains to try and make this sci-fi dream a reality. That's not to say we won't be impressed once in a while by implementations, especially those that promise to hook up with devices that we already have in the house, or in our hands, or even our wrists. Redditor Nick Nothom did just that, with his own version of a smart mirror that connected with his Android Wear smartwatch.

Nothom set out to solve one rather simple problem really. He wanted to be notified when his smartwatch was finished charging, by the bedside perhaps, even while he's busy styling his hair in front of the mirror. What better or more tech savvy way to do that than by putting up the notification message on that same mirror.

As mentioned, smart mirrors are nothing new and well-documented implementations have been available around the Web. What makes Nothom's particular version interesting, however, is his use of Android. Actually, the whole display is actually powered by an Android phone coursing through HDMI, though he is mulling over transferring it to a Raspberry Pi powered version. It is also interesting in that it's main goal is actually to provide a mirror display (no pun intended) not for the phone but for an Android Wear device. That might seem a bit limiting at first glance, but considering how smartwatch have become extensions of smartwatches, that might not be much of a problem in the long run, as Nothom's first and crude demo shows.

Of course, there is still room for improvement but if Nothom's smart mirror can more easily be assembled using off the shelf parts, it could spur more DIY makers to follow suit and improve on it. We might not be that far away from this future scenario cooked up four years ago.

SOURCE: Nick Nothom (1), (2)

VIA: Reddit