Report looks at the most and least expensive EVs to charge in the UK

Just like combustion engine vehicles, not all-electric vehicles are created equal. Some electric vehicles have larger batteries, and some are capable of driving further than others on the same amount of electricity. With the variance in battery size and technology, not all-electric vehicles will cost the same to charge and operate.

Uswitch has published a report in the UK called the Pump to Plug Report. The report investigated the most expensive and least expensive electric vehicles to charge at home as the UK gears up to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles starting in 2030. The report also revealed that higher-priced electric cars are a significant concern for more than 80 percent of British citizens.

In the report, the researchers took the UK's average cost per usable capacity charge (18.8p /kWh) to determine how much it would cost per mile to use the most popular electric vehicle models. Interestingly, the report looks at the Tesla Cybertruck, which isn't available at this time. Researchers found that the most expensive EV to charge at home is the Mercedes EQV 300 with a 90 kWh battery and a 200-mile driving range working out to £0.085 per mile.

The second most expensive vehicle was the Cybertruck Tri Motor costing £0.081 per mile. Rounding out the top five are the Audi E-Tron S 55 Quattro at £0.081 per mile, dual motor Cybertruck at £0.079 per mile, and the E-Tron S Sportback 55 quattro at £0.079 per mile.

By comparison, the least expensive EV to charge at home was the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus at £0.045 per mile. Tesla had the top three least expensive EVs to charge, with the next two models being variations of the Model 3 costing £0.046 per mile to charge. The fourth-place vehicle was the Hyundai IONIQ Electric at £0.046 per mile, and the SEAT Mii Electric at £0.047 per mile.