Renshui Faucet Will Prove You Are Tech Obsessed

Evan Selleck - Jul 9, 2010
Renshui Faucet Will Prove You Are Tech Obsessed

As you sit in your abode, looking around and at all the shiny gadgets you’ve got lying around, where’s the one place that just seems to be lacking in the out-right ridiculousness of the tech industry? Sure, there’s plenty of smart bathtubs, and entire bathrooms, out there, but what about just the faucet? We’ve got faucets with capacitive touch controls, sure, and there’s plenty of concepts out there to make our future-selves pretty happy. But what about the here and now? Say hello to the Renshui Faucet, coming straight out of China and ready to blow your socks off.

Not only is the Renshui Faucet one of the more interesting looking bathroom-centric devices we’ve seen in a long time (it definitely doesn’t look like a faucet, that’s for sure), it’s got enough technology crammed inside to warrant its purchase by any tech obsessed individual out there. First and foremost, there’s an integrated chipset inside the faucet to regulate the temperature of the water. With that chipset in place, the faucet takes advantage of a touch-based control scheme, so you’ll be able to regulate the temperature of your water with just the touch of your finger.

The faucet will also always show you the temperature of the water, right there on the faucet itself, and will have a warning indicator light if the water is getting too hot for your sensitive skin. It looks like an open book to us, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But there’s a question that looks like it’s going unanswered for the time being: if your power goes out, will the Renshui Faucet still be able to control the water temperature?

[via Slippery Brick]

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