Renegade Gaming Chair - Everything you need, including a vibrating massage

When you're playing your games, where do you normally sit? If I'm rocking out to Guitar Hero, I'm usually standing up, otherwise I'm sitting on my couch. I've never really considered getting a special chair just for my gaming sessions, mostly because my couch is so comfortable. If you like to have your own special gaming chair, you might as well go all-out right?

The Renegade Gaming Chair should have enough extra features to keep you entertained. The chair features 3D speakers built into the headrest, game-triggered lighting effects on the ground and vibration motors that sync with your gameplay. It even has a vibrating massage mode.

Of course, the excitement and luxury of such a chair will set you back a bit. Expect to pay a little under $500 for one.

Renegade Gaming Chair – all in one sound, motion, massage and lighting rig [via redferret]