Renault Callie autonomous car can avoid obstacles as well as pro test drivers

Renault is showing off a fancy autonomous car control system that promises to be able to handle challenging driving situations better than existing systems. Renault says that its autonomous system can avoid road obstacles as well as a professional test driver. The automaker calls this an industry first.

The professional test drivers served as the inspiration and benchmark for creating the autonomous system at the Renault Open Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley. The Open Innovation Lab is part of the network within the Alliance and its goal is improving safety and advancing autonomous driving technology.

Renault's new tech has been tested against professional drivers. It builds on existing achievements in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and vehicle safety. Renault says that it is an important next step in using autonomous driving to improve vehicle safety.

Renault has a stated goal of becoming one of the first brands to offer a widely available "Mind Off" technology on mainstream vehicles. This sort of mind off tech would handle all driving duties requiring no help from a human driver.

The basis for the work comes from research that was published by Stanford University's Dynamic Design Lab. The Renault Open Innovation Lab has been collaborating with the Dynamic Design Lab. Renault has a stated goal of launching 15 models with various levels of autonomous driving capability by 2022.

SOURCE: Renault