Remington Typewriter Turned Into Steam Punk Keyboard

James Allan Brady - Aug 29, 2007

I don’t know what inspires people to make these amazing contraptions, but they are always works of art. And appear to be made and/or powered primarily by the hours and hours of thoughtful labor that likely goes into these projects.

In this case, a gentleman has taken a Remington typewriter apart and made it into a keyboard. It even features the arrows, number pad, F keys, and all the other keys one is accustomed to.

It seems to be a QWERTY configuration with just a few of the keys misplaced, who knows. But as an added touch he left the typewriter paper feed wheel and some other hardware attached to the top of the keyboard. It really does look amazing, too bad I have no artistic talent, even worse that on the off chance one of these works goes on sale it goes for a fortune, but I guess its worth it.

Remington steampunk keyboard
[via MAKE]

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