Refurb 32GB HP TouchPad hits Woot for $219.99

If you have wanted a new tablet and had your eye on the TouchPad in hopes it would come back around at a good price, the tablet is on Woot again. You can pick up the tablet for $219.99 with $5 for shipping. The catch is that this time out the tablets are refurb units. It might not sit too well with some of you that HP has directly offered the 32GB model for $149.99 in the past.

The Woot offer is for a 32GB unit with WiFi. The screen is a 9.7-inch capacitive LCD and the tablet rocks webOS 3.0 and has Bluetooth 2.1. With the TouchPad being discontinued, I don't know how many folks will be interested. You can run Android on the tablet if you are the hacking sort.

The tablet has a 90-day warranty from HP so even though it's a refurb, if it breaks in the first three months you are good. What do you think? The price is higher than we have seen in the past, but if you want a TouchPad, you might need to go this route.