Refreshed Roku HD box surfaces

The Roku HD is a little set top streaming media box that has been around for a long time now. Recently a refreshed version wearing the same name has turned up and created a bit of confusion. It appears that Roku is taking a page from Apple's naming convention handbook and not using a number modifier to designate an updated unit like Apple did with the new iPad. I am not a fan of this naming convention.

To add a bit more confusion to the mix in Roku's case, any confusion over the decision to use the same exact name for the refreshed device is compounded somewhat by another device wearing the name Roku 2 HD online and a 3000 SKU. That Roku 2 HD box sells for the same price ($60) as the refreshed Roku HD. Same prices and naming confusion aside, the refreshed HD and the model 3000 2 HD box are different.

The SKU number on the refreshed HD product is 2500. The refreshed box has three different composite inputs rather than the 3.5 mm adapter the other device uses. The base of the refreshed box is also purple setting it apart visually. The refreshed version also lacks the microSD card slot. It's also unclear if the refreshed 2500 has Bluetooth or not.

[via Zatznotfunny]