Redfish Instruments offers world's first iPhone-enabled wireless multimeter

There really is an app for everything on the iPhone, that fact is reinforced to me all the time. If you are the sort that likes to dabble with electronics or repairs electronic items using a multimeter frequently and you have an iPhone a cool new multimeter has launched from Redfish Instruments. The multimeter is called the iDVM Multimeter and it is the first iPhone enabled multimeter that can capture, store and share data.

The wireless multimeter can connect to an app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using an ad hoc wireless network. The signals that the multimeter picks up through its probes are then sent out to the iOS device, which is used as the display for the multimeter. The app shows the face with a knob on it as you see on most multimeter and the readings as well.

The multimeter can store data to the Apple device and then the data can be sent to other people for viewing or use in other projects. The data can also be tagged with the location at the time it was captured. That means if you have multiple sites you work the data can be tied to a site. The hardware portion of the meter is powered by a rechargeable battery. The app needed is free and the meter will ship on June 1 for $220.