Reddit gives users new profile pages in social media push

Reddit is home to seemingly endless communities spanning all sorts of categories and topics, and so it's no surprise that many people have become distinguished on the platform for one reason or another. There are novelty accounts that have arose to fame, for example, performing specific actions like writing poems and drawing pictures. Other users are popular in their own niche, and now they can set up their own profile pages.

The feature isn't live for all users yet, unfortunately, but can be found for some of the most popular novelty accounts, such as /u/Sh*tty_Waterclour. The profile pages are being tested at this point, and look similar to something you'd find on Twitter and Facebook, enabling Reddit users in general to follow the user and get updates when they post something, which will appear in a feed on their own page.

This page includes a profile picture, a header image, and a list of communities in which the user is active. There's also some basic information like the Redditor's 'birthday' and whether they're a gold member.

According to the announcement by Reddit, this new ability to follow these profile pages doesn't impact the site's friends feature. Anytime the user posts, their post will appear in your own front page newsfeed, as well. When ordinary users will get access to their redesign page is unclear — Reddit indicates it will be testing this feature for months and rolling it out slowly.

SOURCE: Reddit