Redbox readying movie streaming service to battle Netflix

I am a big fan of Redbox kiosks for renting movies. That is really the only place left in my area to get a movie from. Netflix is one of the big competitors to Redbox that is still available in all areas, even if Netflix is more a steaming company now than a disc rental business.

Redbox is set to take the fight to Netflix according go the LA Times. Netflix is reportedly looking to launch a streaming movie service for subscribers that would allow the user to rent movies on a per title basis rather than paying a monthly fee for all they can watch.

The service would have a monthly fee option that would allow the user to watch streaming films on multiple devices and rent discs at kiosks as well. That last option sounds appealing if the monthly fee is in the right range. The worst part about Netflix is waiting for the movies or finding out that what you really wanted to see didn't ship. At this point, an exact time frame for the new Redbox service is unknown.