Red Zune rumored to bring new sports content to the table

We've heard about the new Zune colors, which to me aren't that exciting. But there might just be something else to these newly painted music players.

According to our friends at Crunchgear, they've heard rumor that the red Zune will have exclusive sports-related content. Though details are sparse, they've found that when the red Zune hits store shelves this summer, the Zune store will launch a new sports section.

Apparently you'll be able to download sports clips, and possibly even full games onto your Zune as a podcast. I'm not an avid sports fan by any means, so I don't really see this as an exciting new feature. Then again, I'm sure there are plenty out there that will think this is the best thing since sliced bread. The real question is whether it will be enough to pull the Zune out of its sales slump.

Rumor: Red Zune to Include Exclusive Sports Content [via crunchgear]