RED proposes camera shoot-out on June 4th

Well, it's not very often that this happens. Jim Jannard, CEO of RED, has invited every single camera company to come to its custom studios in Hollywood in order to participate in a camera test. Jannard lays out the rules as such: companies can bring whatever camera they please, plus a team of techs to oversee the testing. They can also post-process their footage however they want.

Jannard says that footage will be screened in both 2K and 4K using digital projectors across several screen sizes, including 10, 20, and 40-feet. Comparisons will also be made between resolution, frame rates, dynamic range, and color. When asked if he was worried at all about other companies besting RED cameras in the competition, Jannard replied that he wasn't and that the "customer has the right to know."

The CEO goes on to say that he would be "disappointed" if other companies didn't participate, as this will be the only test where they have complete control over the equipment and testing. There hasn't been any indication of camera companies taking RED up on the offer so far, but hey, if they do, there's a free lunch in it for them. No, really: Jannard will be providing lunch for free. If the event does end up happening, it'll go down on June 4th in Hollywood.