Red Dead Online: Blood Money update revealed with new missions, NVIDIA DLSS

Rockstar today revealed Blood Money, a new update on the way to Red Dead Online. Blood Money will be landing next week and will add two new mission types to the game: Crimes and Opportunities. On top of that, Rockstar also revealed that Red Dead Online will be getting new 25-mission battle passes in The Quick Draw Club, while both Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 will get support for NVIDIA DLSS.

On the surface, at least, it sounds like a pretty big update, though Crimes and Opportunities also seem like straightforward missions. They're centered around a commodity called Capitale, and a character named Guido Martelli is looking for Capitale on behalf of crime lord Angelo Bronte. Martelli will enlist players to collect Capitale by carrying out Crimes.

Rockstar explains that Crimes can be undertaken as a solo player or with a posse. "Crimes will range from cloak-and-dagger coach holdups to multi-stage robberies – including kidnapping, brutal debt collection, and more," Rockstar revealed today. Collecting enough Capitale through these Crimes will prompt Martelli to trust players with Opportunities, which seem like branching missions that, when completed, will diminish the power of a certain politician. The first Opportunity will go live with the update on July 13th, with two more to follow later.

In addition to Crimes and Opportunities, Rockstar today announced The Quick Draw Club, which will offer "four distinct rapid-fire passes" that each have 25 ranks to level through. Each pass costs 25 Gold Bars, but completing a pass will earn all 25 back. Additionally, completing all four passes will net players the Halloween Pass 2 for free when it launches later this year.

Finally, with the Blood Money update, we'll see support for NVIDIA DLSS go live in both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on PC. You'll need a compatible NVIDIA RTX card to tap into it, but if you've got one of those in your rig, you'll be able to tap into DLSS for a boost to visual quality and frame rate. Look for Red Dead Online: Blood Money to drop on July 13th.