Reborn – Flowers rotate through life and death

Christina Crouch - Dec 11, 2007, 8:36 am CST

I’m not really big on flowers. For the money compared to how much time you’ll have actually have them it’s ridiculous. However, I do know a few people who dry or press their flowers and keep them in scrapbooks and such and I guess that’s not so bad and I guess in the end it’s really the though that counts behind the gift.

Anywho, for people who do like to dry their flowers designer Chan-Hee Park has the perfect, creative way to help. The Reborn concept vase gives you a great view of your bouquet through live and death. The vase rotates as the flowers die and dry and when it completes it’s 360º journey your flowers will be ready for whatever you need.


Personally, I like the thought behind it. It gives the flowers more of a viewing benefit when they are actually doing something not just sitting there, looking pretty. I’d be one of those people though that leave the flowers sitting there long after they’ve died and dried because I’m too lazy to do much else with them or forget to throw them away.

Flower Power Fun From A Vase [via Yanko Design]

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