Real, working 4-foot tall transformer built in Japan

Say hello to J-deite Quarter, a four-foot tall, 77-pound real working transformer. Built by two Japanese engineers with their companies' support, the bipedal robot can walk at a speed of 0.6 mph, and change into the shape of a 3-foot long sports car that can drive up to 6 mph. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Creators Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki come from Japanese companies Brave Robotics and Asratec Corp. As impressive as J-deite already is, it is only one-quarter-scale of the real transformer they hope to build by the year 2020. That means a 16-foot tall robot that is capable of transforming into a life-size car.

J-deite runs on software called V-Sido, which comes from Asratec Corp., and beyond walking, is capable of moving arms, hands, and even fingers. A single battery charge will have it operating for about one hour. Featuring bright blue body panels, the robot's face was intentionally modeled to resemble Optimus Prime.

Ishida originally started his quest of building a real transformer back in 2012, and debuted with a much smaller model, one that could sit on top your average desk. A 2016 model is in the works, dubbed J-deite Half, measuring 8 feet tall. The final, full-size version, J-deite King, will no doubt be an incredible achievement, however Ishida hasn't said if a driver or passenger will be able to sit inside the car form.

VIA Simplebotics

SOURCE J-deite