Real Racing 2 HD will support AirPlay full screen gaming

One of the cooler things that came out of WWDC 2011 is the Airplay mirroring of gaming content from iOS devices like the iPad 2. This will allow gamers that have games they really like on the iPad 2 to shoot those games out to the big screen in the living room for some serious gaming enjoyment. That is assuming the app in question supports full screen gaming. Otherwise, you will end up with black bars and frames on your TV screen.

Firemint has announced that its Real Racing 2 HD game will be the first game to support full screen gaming via AirPlay. That means that you will be able to play the game on your TV in the living room with all the screen space used and it should look great. The coolest part is that not only will you still be able to use the iPad 2 for controlling the game but the screen of the iPad 2 will show telemetry data.

As you can see in the photo here, the telemetry data will show the outline of the course along with a dot on the track for the player's position along with their place in the race. The data will also show what lap they are on, how fast they are going, and the lap time as well. That is so cool. The use of the iPad for this game reminds me a lot of what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U and its controller with the big screen in the middle. I wager that with a few possible exceptions the graphics on the Wii U will probably be better than what most game apps offer.

[via Firemint]