Readius phone with 5-inch foldable screen is coming in mid 2008

Polymer Vision, a Dutch company unveiled the first mobile phone in the world that uses a foldout display. Readius, the name of this phone has large 5-inch display, which is plenty for viewing email, podcast, documents file, and Internet browsing on the go.

Fold out display on this phone is unique and helps keeping the unit's overall form factor smaller than its screen size itself – imagine putting a 5-incher phone on your pocket.

SlashGear gets to play with the device last year at 3GSM and it was pretty intriguing. It gets more exiting now that we know Readius is going to enter the retail market. According to Polymer Vision, the phone will be available in the mid of 2008. No detail in pricing yet.

[via Polymer Vision press release]