Read It Later goes free and becomes Pocket

Have you been using Read It Later at all? The app allowed you to handily save articles for offline viewing on mobile devices. The company behind Read It Later has decided to rebrand the app, and has unveiled the new name: Pocket. It has the same features as the old app, but it's now completely free.

Read It Later managed to acquire 4.5 million years over the course of four years, and the Pro version was the top paid app on the Android Market for a spell. Now, Pocket is free across all devices. It's not a bookmarking app, of course, activity saving text and images for offline viewing across the desktop, laptops, and mobile devices.

Images, videos, and text are all pulled down and reformatted into an easy to read format. It also integrates into other mobile apps, like Tweetbot and Reeder for iOS, so you can send links from tweets or RSS feeds directly to Pocket.

We gave it a very brief spin on Android and iOS, and it does exactly what it sets out to do. Once we pushed articles to Pocket using the Chrome extension (there's one available for Firefox too), articles were automatically pushed to the Android client. The iOS client syncs new articles once you open it up again. Pocket is available on the Play Store and App Store right now for free.