Razer shows off StarCraft II Wings of Liberty peripherals at E3

E3 has seen the launch of some interesting gaming peripherals and other gear so far. Some of the coolest peripherals come from Razer and are branded to go along with the StarCraft II Wings of Liberty game. The line of peripherals includes the Spectre mouse, Marauder keyboard, and the Banshee headset.

The Spectre mouse has a special AMP lighting system that has changeable colors and can change those colors to give visual feedback. The mouse features 1000 Hz ultrapolling and has a 5600dpi laser sensor for $79.99. The Marauder is a gaming keyboard with backlit keys, the AMP light system, and in-game macro recording.

The keyboard can record macros to up to ten profiles and will sell for $119.99. The Banshee headset is a large over the ear headset with an integrated mic for voice chat. It uses the same AMP lighting system and has an EQ to individualize the sound to the user's needs. The headset sells for $119.99.