Razer reveals a special gum to 'maintain' gamers' focus and reaction time

Razer, the company best known for its PC gaming peripherals, has announced a new partnership with Wrigley's 5 gum to launch — you guessed it — a new chewing gum product. Called 'Respawn,' the new treat is a fortified chewing gum marketed as a way to boost gamers' reaction time and focus, something made possible by this wonderful, incredibly common stimulant known as caffeine. The gum includes some B vitamins, too.

The idea of fortified gum is nothing new — you can easily find caffeinated chewing gum in stores and online, using it as a faster, less calorically-dense alternative to coffee and other caffeinated substances. Respawn is, essentially, just fortified gum, but it comes with a new packaging reminiscent of old school 5 gum marketing.

Respawn by 5 is offered in three flavors: Pomegranate Watermelon, Cool Mint, and Tropical Punch. The gum is sugar-free and includes green tea extract, as well as niacin (B3), B5, B6, and B12 vitamins. Each packet of gum features 10 packs of 15 pieces each for a total of 150 pieces of gum. It's unclear how much caffeine is imparted by the green tea extract.

This is the latest item in the Respawn product line, joining the previously launched 'mental performance' drink mixes and game-themed shaker bottles with the same branding. The gum will be made available for sale at certain retailers in addition to the online Razer store, where a 150-piece pack of the Respawn gum is available for $27.99 USD.

Respawn Senior Product Evangelist Sean Driscoll said in a statement:

RESPAWN was created to address the clear market for food and beverage products in gaming that help players maintain focus and mental agility during gameplay, without the intense rush provided by many energy products. Mars Wrigley brings with them immense experience and market leadership in the gum category and was a perfect partner for our new consumable line.