Razer Kishi controller is now available for iPhones

Its Apple's time to shine today, bringing a plethora of new devices and services with one notable absentee. The iPhone 12 is still nowhere to be seen but that isn't exactly a surprise. That does give some accessory makers more time to prepare for the big event but Razer isn't wasting time, at least not for existing iPhones. Three months after it first launched, the gaming company is finally bringing its Kishi universal gaming controller to iPhones, just in time for potential new Apple One subscribers.We've rated the Razer Kishi to be one of the best controllers out despite a few nitpicks. Its claim to be a universal controller, however, doesn't really hold water when you consider that Android phones aren't the only smartphones in existence. That fortunately changes today with the launch of the Kishi for iPhones, bringing all those pros and cons but also indirectly fixes one small flaw.

When it comes to controls, the Razer Kishi for iPhone offers the exact same buttons at the exact same place, putting both Android and iPhone users on equal footing. This means the same ergonomic design and clickable analog thumbsticks are right at their fingertips, literally even. That is important as more games start to offer crossplay across different platforms, sometimes putting those with different input controls at a disadvantage.

Like the original Android version, the Kishi for iPhone uses an MFi-certified low-latency Lightning connect that offers pass-through charging. And just like the Android version, it doesn't offer a way to connect a wired headphone. Fortunately, almost all recent iPhones from the iPhone X onward don't have a headphone jack anyway.

The Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iPhone is compatible with all iPhone models starting from the iPhone 6 and later except both iPhone SE models. It retails for $99.99 and, for the first time for Razer, is available on Apple's Online Store.