Razer Ferox mobile gaming speakers now shipping

Razer has been in the gaming market for a long time with some awesome mice and keyboards for computer gamers. The company has branched out over the years into the market for speakers, sound cards, and other gear as well. One of the latest products is a new set of speakers for portable gaming called Ferox.

The speakers are sized to be easy to take with you on the go and can be connected to your PC or any other device that uses a 3.5mm headphone port. The Ferox speakers have an internal battery good for about 12 hours of playback per charge. The design of the speakers gives them an expanded Bass resonance chamber.

Ferox also uses a digital amp with clean power for clearer and more powerful sound. The frequency response is 150Hz to 20Khz. The drivers inside the little black housing are 30mm units. Power for each speaker is 3W and Razer ships them with a carry case. Overall dimensions are 70mm L x 70mm W x 53-64mm high. You can order a set right now for $59.99.