Raytheon lands government network security contract worth $1bn

One of the biggest concerns for many governmental agencies today is the security of their network systems. A single hack can leak all manner of classified data and materials that could compromise national security. Raytheon has announced that it has landed a major contract with the US government for lifecycle development and sustainment with DHS.

Raytheon is a prime contractor for the Network Security Deployment Division and will safeguard the .gov domain. Raytheon says that the security threats against digital networks today are serious and pervasive. Raytheon will defend the nation against cyber threats aimed at taking advantage of hardware and software within the internet domain.

That contract is for all websites and email addresses that end in .gov. Raytheon will be supporting the government effort to develop, deploy, and sustain systems for monitoring and mitigating cyber threats against .gov.

The contract is worth around $1 billion and exactly how long the contract spans is unknown. For that much money it would likely be multi-year. Raytheon has been acquiring companies for decades that focus on information sharing, predictive analysis, forensics, and situational awareness. Protecting the .gov domain will be a big job with hackers and attacks happening online all the time.

SOURCE: Raytheon