Ratchet & Clank's dimension hopping has landed them in Fall Guys

Fall Guys has had no lack of guest characters appear as costumes in the game. We've seen famous characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, Cuphead, and the DOOM Slayer (and many, many more) all appear as limited-edition costumes, but soon, Fall Guys will get new costumes based on two widely-loved PlayStation characters: Ratchet & Clank. The costumes are arriving later this month, but you'll need more than just crowns to unlock them.As announced on the PlayStation Blog today, Ratchet & Clank will be arriving in Fall Guys on July 26th. Ratchet & Clank have their own cosmetic sets that include not only upper and lower costume pieces but also banners, patterns, and emotes. Players will need to complete a series of challenges to unlock everything, with Ratchet's cosmetics collection up first.

Ratchet's items will be up for grabs from July 26th through August 1st. Players will need to collect points by completing challenges to unlock everything. Check out the progression for the Ratchet event below:

• Ratchet Banner: 600 points

• Lombax Pattern: 1000 points

• Ratchet Costume (Lower): 1600 points

• Groovitron Emote: 2000 points

• Ratchet Costume (Upper): 3200 points

Then, from August 6th through the 15th, it'll be Clank's turn. Like Ratchet, Clank has a series of challenges to complete in order to unlock everything, with a progression that's the same as what we see for Ratchet's items:

• Clank Banner: 600 points

• Clank Pattern: 1000 points

• Clank Costume (Lower): 1600 points

• Clank's Laugh Emote: 2000 points

• Clank Costume (Upper): 3200 points

Completing both events will unlock a special Rivet-themed banner, so even though our newest Lombax hero isn't getting her own reward track, she's at least present in some form. Rivet, of course, is one of the stars of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a game that we thought was particularly excellent and worthy of a spot in every PS5 owner's game collection. These limited-time events go live in Fall Guys next week, so get ready to knock out some challenges if you want to own these Ratchet & Clank cosmetics.