Raspberry Pi photography contest winners revealed

Adafruit held a Raspberry Pi photography contest in June and last month, and the winners have now been revealed. The selected images are largely stunning when you consider how they were taken and edited. We've got a gallery of some of the most notable shots for you after the jump.

The Raspberry Pi photography contest was pretty straight forward — shoot an image using a camera attached to a Raspberry Pi, then upload it to one of the big social networks with the tag #RPPA (you can check out a ton of images taken with the system by searching that hashtag).

No third-party post-processing could be done to the images, with the exception of using the integrated Pi Camera filters like "Oil Painting". Any picture would be accepted that met the criteria, and quite a few were received.

A total of fifteen winning slots were up for grabs, with the top winner getting $314 USD in Adafruit store credit, and the other fourteen getting $30. Now the winners have been selected; you can see some of them in the gallery below, and check out the rest on Adafruit's website.

VIA: Gizmodo