Raspberry Pi digital display launches with 800 x 480 resolution

The little Raspberry Pi developer board is an item that tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts have been using for a long time to build up all sorts of projects that need electronics to work. One of the things that many fans of the Raspberry Pi have been anxiously waiting for was a display made specifically to support Raspberry Pi projects. That wait is finally over with the official Raspberry Pi touch display going on sale today.

The display is available for $60 plus taxes and shipping. To being with it is available at Swag Store and RS Components/Allied Electronics and Premier Farnell/Newark. Other suppliers will get stock of the device later this week according to Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi display supports DSI and DPI integrations and has a bridge chip/conversion board to convert between the two supported integration methods. The hard specs for the display are a RGB resolution of 800 x 480 at 60fps. The display supports 24-bit color and ten points of touch.

The touch screen uses capacitive technology and has 70-degree viewing angles. The display is metal backed and has mounting holes for the Pi hardware. The display can be powered by a separate power supply of at least 500mA, USB link, or GPIO jumpers. The video below shows a bit more about the display and how to assemble it.

SOURCE: Raspberry Pi