Range Assistant app lets Volvo EV owners optimize their driving range

Volvo has announced that drivers of the company's fully electric XC40 Recharge will soon be able to optimize the driving range for the electric vehicle using the Volvo Range Assistant app. The in-car app launches as part of the latest OTA software update for Volvo vehicles with infotainment systems powered by the Android Automotive OS.The update allows owners of fully electric Volvo vehicles to gain smart battery management to increase driving range and brings improvements in regeneration performance. The app also brings an improved timer for preconditioning batteries. In addition, the Range Assistant app provides drivers with advice on their driving style to help increase efficiency.

Volvo says the app embeds seamlessly into the Android Automotive OS-powered infotainment system to provide drivers with clear and accurate driving range estimates and real-time energy consumption. It is also designed to show drivers all factors impacting driving range.

An integrated range optimizer function can adjust the climate system automatically to improve the driving range. Volvo believes that feature will be particularly useful in increasing the range for longer trips between stops for charging. Volvo will continue the development of the app towards a full release and will add additional features over time.

Features that will come in the future include the ability to get driving coaching that provides recommendations that are easy to follow for driving style adjustment to help improve the range of the electric vehicle. Currently, the app is available in the latest OTA software update for the XC40 Recharge and will come as standard on the C40 Recharge. Volvo also points out that other OTA updates will come in the future to other models and other markets. The goal is to allow owners to keep vehicles up-to-date without having to visit a Volvo dealership.