Randy McNally debuts new IntelliRoute TND GPS devices for truckers

Randy McNally has been making maps for years that individuals and professional truckers have used to get around the country. The company has announced new GPS devices that have some cool features that are aimed at the long-haul trucker that needs more than just navigation capability. The new devices are called the IntelliRoute TND 510 and the IntelliRoute TND 710.

The 510 is a 5-inch screen unit and the 710 is a 7-inch screen device. Both of the devices have many of the same features with real-time traffic and a thinner design to take up less space. The nav devices have a virtual dashboard that allows the driver to see details at a glance with speed, altitude, odometer and other important measures.

The 710 has Traffic predictor service that shows historic traffic patterns to keep drivers from getting stuck sitting for a long time. An accessory priced at $89.99 is needed for that feature and has a lifetime traffic feed included. It has location by mile market, big-rig specific POIs, destinations by zip code, and quick planner. The devices will allow the driver to set multiple stops and it has advanced voice warnings as well and the driver can select if they are driving loaded or empty. The 510 sells for $349 and the 710 sells for $449 with both available right now.