Rambus wins patent infringement ruling and kicks NVIDIA in the GPUs

Rambus doesn't really build much these days, the company is more a tech firm specializing in patents and suing people to get them to pay licensing fees for their litany of patented tech. The latest company to fall afoul of Rambus patents is GPU maker NVIDIA.

Bloomberg reports that Rambus has won a case against NVIDIA that it filed with the ITC alleging that NVIDIA infringed on Rambus patents with everything it makes this side of the Ion platform. The bad news for NVIDIA and its shareholders is that Rambus has won.

Along with the win comes a ban on imports of NVIDIA products that contain infringing products, which is essentially everything that Big Green makes. You can count on NVIDIA coughing up the licensing fee rather than going under, which it would surely do otherwise. NVIDIA already states it intends to appeal the ruling.