Rambus unveils Mobile XDR memory for mobile devices

Rambus has been around in the technology and memory world for years with products and technology that is licenses to various manufacturers. Rambus has announced its latest memory technology today that is aimed at next-generation mobile devices called Mobile XDR.

Rambus claims that the Mobile XDR memory has a throughput of 4.3Gbps per pin with power efficiency that is unrivaled today. SoC platforms are able to achieve more than 17GB/s of memory bandwidth from a single Mobile XDR DRAM device while extending battery life for many mobile products by over 30 minutes according to Rambus.

Rambus reports that the performance is achievable thanks to a decrease in active power use coupled with fast transition times into power-saving modes. The memory is designed to allow portable devices to support a range of high bandwidth applications from voice calls to stereoscopic 3D HD video. Rambus' Mobile XDR platform is available for licensing now and there is no word on when we will see products using the new memory on the market.