RadioShack to offer Galaxy S Smartphone with Three Carriers

Shane McGlaun - Aug 13, 2010
RadioShack to offer Galaxy S Smartphone with Three Carriers

RadioShack has been the go to place for all manner of weird electronics gear and RC toys for a long time. The company is trying to make itself into something more than a place you can buy toys and other obsolete components with the addition of a ton of mobile phones.

The company has announced that it will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone with three different carriers in one place. The Shack will sell you the Samsung Epic for Sprint, the Vibrant for T-Mobile, and the Captivate on AT&T. All of the devices are one and the same.

We already know the specs for the Galaxy S with a super AMOLED screen racking in at 4-inches, a 1GHz CPU, and HD multimedia capability. RadioShack will be selling the device at 4000 stores across the country starting on August 31 with pre sales kicking off on August 13. The T-Mo offering will come with Avatar movie, The Sims 3 game, the Vibrant will come with a $50 RadioShack gift card by mail, and the Captivate, which is $50 more than the Vibrant, will get a $20 accessory credit immediately in store.

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