RadioShack announces Fresh Phone February

RadioShack has announced a new plan that will help mobile phone users that want a new device get one at a discount called Fresh Phone February. The plan will get the customer $50 off a new phone when they trade in a working existing phone of any sort.

To be eligible for the trade-in program the phone the user trades in must work, the case must not be broken, the screen can't be cracked, and the phone can have no signs of water damage. If your device meets all those criteria, you can get $50 off a new device like the HTC EVO 4G or the Evo Shift 4G.

The phones that you can get the $50 credit towards will change and the EVO 4G and shift 4G are the devices from now until February 12. The event runs until March 5, but the devices available to choose from will change on the 12th.