Qup Netflix feature notifies users of streaming additions

There's a new service that anyone who relies on Netflix as a daily source of entertainment will not be able to live without. It answers the problem that many users no doubt have in that it is difficult to tell when something new has been added to Netflix. Short of logging in and checking the "New Arrivals" section every day, it pretty much can't be done.

That is, until now. The new service in question, Qup (pronounced "queue up") allows users to receive email notifications on a daily or weekly basis that tells them the new titles Netflix has added to instant streaming. This list can also be filtered to include only titles that have received certain Netflix or Rotten Tomatoes scores, to ensure you'll be getting notifications about quality content.

Qup developer Michael Bleigh was quoted as saying, "I built it because I wanted to use it myself." Even if you do log into Netflix every day, sometimes it is not easy to filter the newest content. This provides an easily digestable list built just for you. The service also lets users add titles to their instant queues without logging into Netflix.com. It also has ambitious plans for future Netflix-integrated services. Sounds cool to us.

[via GigaOM]