Quirky unveils strange BoilBuoy device

I am sure that we have all had to boil water for one thing or another at some point and ended up coming back and forth from the living room or office a bunch of times to check of the water was boiling yet. For me I always end up coming back several times before the water is boiling and then somehow miss the water starting to boil and only hear it when it boils over and hits the burner with a hiss.Quirky has a new product that is sort of silly at first glance, but if you cook a lot of foods that require boiling water the thing is actually pretty cool. The product is called the BoilBuoy; it is a purple and clear bell that you put in your pot of water. It floats there on a weighed bottom with a foam core for buoyancy.

When the water starts to boil the chime inside the BoilBuoy starts to ring to let you know that your water is ready. The BoilBuoy is 125mm tall and 85mm wide and is made from 100% food and heat safe materials. You can preorder one of the 1492, that will be made for $9.99 and 183 have already been sold.