Quik Pod gets longer and works with DSLR cameras

Way back in 2007 we talked a bit about the Quik Pod device that was for small point and shoot cameras. The Quickpod is a monopod that you can attach your camera too so you can get a photo of you and others without having to ask someone for help to shoot the photo.

The company has announced that it has a model for DSLR cameras as well now and that the Quik Pod is now longer and can be extended to more than four feet high. The only downside I can see to this thing for shooting pics is that you can't see what you are shooting on most cameras since the lens will be facing towards you rather than the LCD.

It will be hard to align the image since you can't see the viewfinder or screen. The Quik Pod for DSLRs is $49.95 and can be purchased now. The normal Quik Pod is under $30 and is available now as well. Check out a video below of the Quik Pod for DSLR users.