Quantum physics takes major step forward with Einstein's "Spooky Action" demonstrated

Scientists have managed for the very first time to show quantum entanglement between macroscopic objects. This quantum entanglement is something that Albert Einstein famously called "spooky action at a distance." The scientists say that this first "massive scale" demonstration has provided a major step forward in the understanding of quantum physics.

Quantum entanglement links particles in a way that allows them to instantly affect each other even over vast distances. Scientists say that this bond defies classical physics and our understanding of reality on the surface. Until now quantum entanglement has only been shown on a very small scaled in systems that are based on light and atoms.

Attempts to increase the size of the experiments has caused instability with miniscule movements breaking the connection between the particles. The new experiment has proven that quantum entanglement is possible between massive objects, relativity massive on a scientific scale anyway.

The new experiment used a pair of 15-micrometer-wide vibrating drum heads. Researchers say that the next test will be to see if those vibrations are being teleported between the two objects. The researchers have stated that the work has implications for quantum information processing, precision measurements, and is testing the limits of quantum mechanics.

The vibrating drumheads are about the width of a human hair and while that certainly isn't massive, it is gigantic compared to the atoms previous experiments worked with. The team had to cool a superconducting electrical circuit to just above absolute zero for the experiment and microwaves were used to control and measure the experiment. Both drumheads on the surface were able to vibrate at high ultrasound frequency. The next step is an attempt to prove teleportation of mechanical vibrations.

SOURCE: Sciencealert