Quantum 3D upgrades sweet ExpeditionDI infantry training platform

When it comes to training infantry soldiers in the US military there are all sorts of drills and programs that the warriors go through. One of the coolest is the 3D virtual reality system from Quantum3D that may be the coolest and most realistic shooter in the world. The company has announced that it has updated the training system called ExpeditionDI with new hardware.

ExpeditionDI has been updated with a new high-resolution head mounted display. The display has a higher resolution of 1280 x 1024 allowing the solider to be more immersed in the program. Other cool features and upgrades for the system include a new head motion tracker that correlates to head motion in a more realistic manner to deliver a new view of the training environment when the head is turned.

The system also gets a new audio headset, a hot-swappable battery, a weapon subsystem, and is embedded computer that processes the graphics and simulation that can withstand field conditions. The vest the system uses is also load bearing, and the device has a posture tracker that can sense when the solider is standing, kneeling, or prone. It has wireless capability as well.