Quantenna working on 10Gbps WiFi chipset

Quantenna Communications has announced that it is working on what it claims to be the world's first 10G WiFi chipset. This chipset will eventually find its way into the next generation of access points for WiFi users in the home, public locations, and enterprises. The company says that the new chip uses an architecture that allows MIMO configurations up to 8x8.

The configuration will also support universal MU-MIMO clients with the best range and stability possible. Quantenna's 8x8 structure also supports adaptive beam forming to allow for more throughput. The company believes that the 8x8 architecture will become essential in the future to allow devices the bandwidth needed for performance.

This company has been providing 4x4 offerings for WiFi for a long time. The 8x8 offerings will complement those 4x4 products. The first of the 8x8 10G WiFi chipsets will be available in 2015. That means we should see networks supporting faster 10G WiFi in 2015 as well.

These faster WiFi speeds will improve the bandwidth available to wireless network users. Quantenna makes chips that are used in hardware by major providers like AT&T, DirecTV, and many others to provide over-the-top media services, IPTV and more. The new 8x8 chip will increase bandwidth on customer networks and support more users at the same time.

SOURCE: Quantenna