Qualcomm wants Snapdragon chip in TVs and more

Qualcomm has been cramming its snapdragon processors into all sorts of devices for a long time now. The processor is well known and is the brains behind some of the smartphones on the market today. Qualcomm also intends to see that Snapdragon chip be embedded into even more devices in the future. One of the big goals is apparently to get the chip inside the TV.

Smart TV has been around for a while now, but compared to things like tablets and smartphones the TV is lagging behind in what it can do and just how smart it is. Qualcomm's Craig Barratt, Atheros President, has told CNET "We're going to drive technology to more media devices in the home." He also sees the chip landing on more set top boxes. I've long thought that a smart set top box from a satellite or cable company is likely where most people around the world will get into the Smart TV realm.

I could certainly see Qualcomm being one of the major chip players in that market. Barratt also sees a future for devices in the home like TVs, routers, computers, and more that will be able to directly talk to each other to speed communication and have less lag. The cool part about that is that you would be able to move photos, video, and other content from one device to another without having to use a third party device like a router.

[via CNET]