Qualcomm and Akamai aim to reduce mobile internet load times

It's all about the need for speed in the world of the smartphone, and we're certainly not going to say no to anything that makes the overall experience faster. Qualcomm and Akamai have teamed up to try and further optimize mobile page load times across devices. The duo are working on new protocol optimizations that will improve page load performance and save on bandwidth in the process.

Akamai will provide content via its Aqua Mobile Accelerator system while Qualcomm will serve it up on its now famous Snapdragon processors. Pages should load faster as Akamai caches the newest content from various websites, with Qualcomm's hardware optimizations helping to keep everything moving along.

The two companies say that consumers will start to see the benefits of the partnership in Android devices starting from the fourth quarter of this year. If you crave every ounce of performance out of your smartphone, you'll just have to sit tight until then.