QuakeCon 2008 announced

I used to be a big Quake fan back in the day. Few things would get my blood pumping more than fragging my friends and anonymous people over the net. However, as I became busier with real world duties such as working, I soon fell out of practice and found myself easy prey for others. Eventually I stopped playing altogether. If I were still up on my game, you could bet that I'd be making my way down to QuakeCon this summer.

If you're a big Quake fan, or FPS games in general, you might want to look into making a trip to Texas this summer. QuakeCon will be held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas from July 31- August 3. You can expect to find the largest BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN party and an exhibit hall with nearly 60 companies showing off their wares.

What's great is that you won't have to pay for the show, as admission will be completely free. However, you might want to find someone that you know who lives in the Dallas area, as a room at the Hilton is going to set you back $137 per night. Or you could probably find something much cheaper down the street.