Qmote gives users one-click smartphone control

Qblinks has introduced its new Qmote, a small remote control with a single button and multiple functions, depending on what the user wants to use it for. Smartphone control is performed using click patterns, which are pre-defined for certain actions like making your phone alert when you can't find it or turning on the rear light. This usefulness grows when one is using a home automation system, allowing different click patterns to be set for triggering different smart appliances like lights.

Qmote is designed like a guitar pick, though it is a bit thicker, featuring a brushed aluminum shell and water-resistant construction. Connectivity with one's phone, meanwhile, is achieved using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 working alongside the Qmote App. The power is provided by a single coin-cell battery, something promised to provide up to a year of run time.

Firmware updates for the device will be sent over the air, and compatibility include Android 4.4 or higher, iPhone 4 and above, and iPad 3 and newer. There's full IFTTT integration and an option for having something custom engraved on the Qmote.

Qlinks, the company behind Qmote, is looking to raise $20,000 USD for production on Kickstarter. That goal is more than half satisfied at $13,578 USD with 40 days remaining. Backers can get a single Golden Amber or Gray Obsidian Qmote with a pledge of $19 USD — custom engraving is an extra $8. Shipping is set for May.

SOURCE: Kickstarter