Pyramid Head ‘Great Knife’ replica is a real (deadly) sword

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 12, 2016, 1:32pm CST
Pyramid Head ‘Great Knife’ replica is a real (deadly) sword

Even if you’re not a Silent Hill fan, you’re likely familiar with (or at least aware of) Great Knife, the giant serrated sword wielded by Pyramid Head. The iconic weapon has been a favorite among cosplayers and fantasy fans alike, and was recently the subject of Man at Arms‘ latest forging project. The final product is massive and completely functional.

As in the past, the Man at Arms team set out to recreate another weapon from a fantasy world, in this case Silent Hill. This project was a touch different than their previous sword projects, though, due to the sheer size of the Great Knife. As you can see in the video below, it is quite massive and nearly too large for a single person to wield.

The team decided to create the version of the Great Knife that features a serrated back edge (the one that looks like “a giant Rambo knife”). To get the giant size and rough look, the team used a train track with the bottom cut off. An entire day was spent heating and pounding out the pre-form of the sword, getting it long and wide enough to refine into a proper Great Knife.

Quite a bit more work went into it from there, in some cases requiring two people to work at once due to the sword’s huge size. The length caused some issues during the creation process, but they eventually worked it out. The final product is every bit a real weapon able to punch through wood (as in the movie) and slice open multiple pumpkins at a time.


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