PushLife gets gobbled by Google

Google is always on the lookout for new companies that have cool tech that it can use to make new offerings for users. It will buy the tech and often will simply buy the whole company to get the tech and the talent behind the tech as well. The latest Google acquisition is of a Canadian music sync firm called PushLife.

The PushLife service allows users to sync music on their PC with mobile devices like Android and Blackberry smartphones. It's clear to see that Google would be keen to integrate the sync tech into the Android OS and other offerings. As it is right now, the PushLife service works with iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries.

Google purchased the company for $25 million according to reports. As of now, there are no more specifics on the terms of the deal offered. AllThingsD reports a Google spokesperson said, "We believe the team has a wealth of experience building cool mobile applications, and we think they'll make a great addition to our mobile team."

[via AllThingsD]