Pure Jongo multi-room speaker system blasts its way into North America

We all love our speaker docks and such, but sometimes we wish we could have our music blast throughout our entire home without having to move the speaker from room to room. Pure looks to solve that first-world issue by introducing the Jongo series of multi-room speaker systems, which are available in North America right now.

We actually took a look at the Pure Jongo speakers at CES back in January, where we were able to at least get a feel for the speakers and hear how they sound (granted, it was in a loud convention hall). Today, Pure launched two different Jongo models: the Jongo S3 and Jongo A2. The S3 is a wireless speaker, while the A2 is a "Hi-Fi adapter."

The Jongo S3 can either be used by itself as a wireless speaker dock or sorts, or it can be paired with other Pure speakers to bring the multi-room speaker system to life. The speaker includes both WiFi and Bluetooth on board, and you can switch between multiple audio profiles, as well as decided between mono or stereo playback.

Of course, battery is a huge deal for wireless speakers, but Pure say you'll be able to go an entire work day and then some on the Jongo S3, boasting a 10 hour battery life for the speaker. The A2 adapter works by connecting multiple speakers together, including other Pure devices (not just Jongo), thanks to digital and analog outputs on the adapter.

The Jongo S3 is priced at $199, while the A2 adapter costs $129. As for the Jongo T6 speakers, Pure says we'll see those sometime later this year, but no details on price or availability were disclosed.

SOURCE: Pure (Marketwire)